FW: Problem with Coolpix 950 or ScanDisk

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Fri Feb 22 11:08:46 CST 2002

This answer from Gary Fewless - a couple of other people have
encountered the problem so I thought I would share his answer. I was
also advised to reformat the card, in the camera, after encountering the

No specific solution, but the "experts" recommend the following:
-when you download photos always COPY them to your hard drive, don't
MOVE them.  Similarly, don't delete the old files from your card in your
downloader connected to the computer, but rather put the card back in
the camera to delete the photos. If you delete files via your computer
you can disrupt the format of the card.

I had a similar problem with "smartmedia" and the above resolved it.  Of
course it is always possible that the card's contacts are dirty, or that
the card is faulty, but the latter is not common.

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> Subject:      Problem with Coolpix 950 or ScanDisk
> There are a number of times when, having taken several pictures, I go
> to download them - flashcard (Scandisk 64MB) says that lots of space
> has been used, but no files show up. When I put the card back in the
> camera, it says no images.
> Has anyone else encountered this problem? Better yet, has anyone had
> the problem and found out how to avoid it?
> Mary

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