Origin of name of genus Dalminiastes

Alfred Newton anewton at FIELDMUSEUM.ORG
Fri Feb 22 12:04:04 CST 2002

At 10:18 AM 22-02-2002 -0600, Ken Kinman wrote:
>     The correct spelling of the genus name seems to be "Allodalminiastes"
>with four species.

NOT.  The name originally referred to is Dalminiastes Jeannel, 1962, which
includes 11 species from Chile and Argentina.  Allodalminiastes is related
genus, established by Franz in 1996.

It is important for users of the Triton database to remember that it
includes only names that have appeared in the Zoological Record since about
1978.  Thus, it does not include a majority of names in "unpopular" groups
of organisms like most insects!

>I don't have access to Zoological Record, so
>unfortunately I am unable to give you the bibliographic citation to Franz
>H., 1996.
>     I would suggest contacting one of the following two researchers
>(Patrick Grootaert or Georges Coulon) at the Royal Belgian Institute of
>Natural Sciences, who are working on the taxonomy of pselaphids on a
>worldwide basis (here are their e-mail addresses):
>  Patrick.Grootaert at naturalsciences.be
>  Georges.Coulon at naturalsciences.be
>>From: Prirodoslovni muzej Split <primust at ST.TEL.HR>
>>Reply-To: Prirodoslovni muzej Split <primust at ST.TEL.HR>
>>Subject: Origin of name of genus Dalminiastes
>>Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:49:42 -0800
>>Dear friends,
>>I searched through database tool http://www.biosis.org/triton/indexfm.htm
>>and I found this data about insect species interesting for me:
>>Class - Insecta
>>-- Order - Coleoptera
>>--- Suborder - Polyphaga
>>---- Superfamily - Staphylinoidea
>>----- Family - Pselaphidae
>>------ Dalminiastes cekalovici Franz H. 1996
>>Nice tool! But now I am looking for origin of name of genera Dalminiastes.
>>I don't know how to get it.  Does anybody of you know this? I tried again
>>with the same tool, at genus level but it shows "No matches found" result.
>>Can you tell me where to find data about genus level at all.
>>Maybe it is better to ask author himself (unknown for me and if he is still
>>alive). Please help. I need origin of genus name or author's address.
>>Thanks in advance!
>>Best wishes!
>>Boze Kokan
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