Origin of name of genus Dalminiastes

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Alfred Newton just provided the authorship for Dalminiastes!
"   The name originally referred to is Dalminiastes Jeannel, 1962, which
includes 11 species from Chile and Argentina.  Allodalminiastes is related
genus, established by Franz in 1996."
This makes it possible to check Zoological Record for 1962 to find the
source if it isn't listed among the references of papers on the family.

I'm a polychaete person and don't know anything about these animals, but I
was curious to see how difficult it was to find the name. It did NOT come up
when I searched BIOSIS, which now goes back to 1969. I then looked up
Dalminiastes in Zoological Record online and the genus appears to be older
than 1996, in  which the only reference to this genus is in the 1996 paper
by H. Franz, in which 6 new species of Dalminiastes, 1 of which is
cekalovici, are described. As 19 new genera of Pselaphidae, 1 of which is
Allodalminiastes, are named in the same paper, it seems likely that
Dalminiastes would have been indicated to be new also if it was newly
described here. If the entry below is correct, there are now 2 species named
cekalovici by Franz, 1996.

The following are excerpts from an entry in ZR 133, 1997, online

TI: [New contributions to the knowledge of Pselaphidae fauna of Chile and
Argentina. (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae).]
OT: Neue Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Pselaphidenfauna von Chile und
Argentinien. (Coleoptera: Pselaphidae).
AU: Franz-H
CS: Jakob-Thomastrasse 3B, A - 2340 Modling, Austria
SO: KOLEOPTEROLOGISCHE RUNDSCHAU 66, Juni 1996: 83-146, illustr..
SN: 0075-6547
PY: 1996
LA: German
LS: English

***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Allodalminiastes; GEN-NOV; Of Euplectinae; Type species
A. abnormipenis, p. 104
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Allodalminiastes abnormipenis; SP-NOV; Chile;
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Allodalminiastes cekalovici; SP-NOV; Chile;
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Allodalminiastes roblei; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-105,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Allodalminiastes tubifer; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-105,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes caneloi; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-103,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes cekalovici; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-103,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes differens; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-103,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes inornatus; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-104,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes nahuelbutae; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-102,-fig'd
***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Dalminiastes similis; SP-NOV; Chile; P.-102,-fig'd
JA: Zoological-Record-Volume-133, Section-13B-Coleoptera
AN: 13300019384
UD: 13300

The above cut-and-paste suggests that Dalminiastes and Allodalminiastes are
distinct, as D. cekalovici Franz, 1996 and A. cekalovici Franz, 1996 are
both described as new amd figured in the same paper. Apart from this name,
none of the other species overlap, suggesting they are distinct and that
Dalminiastes is an older name.

In addition to the question of the authorship of Dalminiastes, there is an
entry that suggests the author may not be familiar with the International
Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), as also a NEW VARIETY (see below) is
described. According to ICZN (2000) Article 15.2, "Names published after
1960 with the term "variety" or "form" [are] are excluded. A new name
published after 1960 expressly as the name of a "variety" or "form" is
deemed to be infrasubspecific and as such is not regulated by the Code ..."

***** PSELAPHIDAE-; Achillia parangulifrons var. mehuini; NEW-VARIETY;

H. Franz appears to have published a lot; 132 hits came up when I searched
ZR on "Franz-H*", and of those I looked at, only a few were clearly other
people. A large number of his papers are on Pselaphidae. The most recent
paper was from 1997 or 1998.

Mary E. Petersen

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     The correct spelling of the genus name seems to be "Allodalminiastes"
with four species.  I don't have access to Zoological Record, so
unfortunately I am unable to give you the bibliographic citation to Franz
H., 1996.
     I would suggest contacting one of the following two researchers
(Patrick Grootaert or Georges Coulon) at the Royal Belgian Institute of
Natural Sciences, who are working on the taxonomy of pselaphids on a
worldwide basis (here are their e-mail addresses):

  Patrick.Grootaert at naturalsciences.be
  Georges.Coulon at naturalsciences.be

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>Subject: Origin of name of genus Dalminiastes
>Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:49:42 -0800
>Dear friends,
>I searched through database tool http://www.biosis.org/triton/indexfm.htm
>and I found this data about insect species interesting for me:
>Class - Insecta
>-- Order - Coleoptera
>--- Suborder - Polyphaga
>---- Superfamily - Staphylinoidea
>----- Family - Pselaphidae
>------ Dalminiastes cekalovici Franz H. 1996
>Nice tool! But now I am looking for origin of name of genera Dalminiastes.
>I don't know how to get it.  Does anybody of you know this? I tried again
>with the same tool, at genus level but it shows "No matches found" result.
>Can you tell me where to find data about genus level at all. >Maybe it is
better to ask author himself (unknown for me and if he is still >alive).
Please help. I need origin of genus name or author's address.
>Thanks in advance!
>Best wishes!
>Boze Kokan

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