Gianluca Polgar polgar at ALFANET.IT
Sun Jan 6 19:59:37 CST 2002

Thank you taxacomers!

I'm actually interested in the genera Bolophthalmus, Periophthalmus and
Do you know the last opinions on the evolutionary relationships between
these genera?
I'm particularly interested in genus Periophthalmus and its Malaysian species.
Do you know if someone recently reviewed the genus and built up a cladogram
and/or phylogenetic tree based on morphological and/or molecular data,
after Murdy, E.O. (1989)?
The only work on molecular data I found up to now is that of Akihito
(2000), but it's about classification on the suprageneric level (families
and subfamilies)...


Gianluca Polgar
polgar at alfanet.it

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