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>> > While I have drawn attention to the role of reviewer censorship of
>> > panbiogeography ...

Coming back to this discussion after the holidays, let me just cite a few
verifiable facts.

In his recent Guest editorial in the Journal of Biogeography, John Grehan
cites 46 published papers on Panbiogeography (counting only those by either
Graw, Grehan, Heads or Page) since 1978. That is not counting the
"friendly" or straightforward panbiogegraphical papers by others. Of those
papers, several (seven, in fact) are in New Zealand journals (at least,
with New Zealand or NZ creatures somewhere in the title), and many are in
highly reputable journals (Syst. zool., J. Biogeography, Biol. J. Linn.
Soc., Taxon).

Clearly, the problem is *not* getting the papers accepted, and imputations
that either of these authors suffer from a high rejection rate are
obviously unfounded.

So what *is* the problem?

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