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Thu Jan 3 23:38:27 CST 2002

On Mon, 23 Dec 1996 10:48:24 -0600, Roland Patr Roberts
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>Does anyone know the e-mail address of W. Morawetz in Germany? I have
>searched all possible avenues and was unable to find it.
>I will also appreciate any information about other individuals working on
>the systematics of the Annonaceae (custard apple family).
>Thanks in anticipation.
>Roland Roberts
>Dept. of Plant Biology
>Louisiana State University
>rrober6 at
>Work: 504-388-8550

Dear Sir,

I began to study the genus Cyathocalyx (Annonaceae) from 2000 as my PhD
thesis. My supervisor, Dr. R. M. K. Saunders, majors the genus
Goniothalamus in the same family.
I don't know wether my infomation is helpful to your present work because
it has past several year since 1996.

Best regards,

Ruijiang Wang

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