Three new vascular plant families

Jerry Bricker jeraldbr at CAMERON.EDU
Mon Jan 7 10:25:08 CST 2002

>I was told over the weekend that three new vascular plant families have
>been described recently - within the last 10 years was my impression -
>and was asked what they were.  I do not know - can anyone help?  I know
>- this is a little vague because so many new families are simply
>promotions or changed segregations. Does any one know of new families
>based on newly recognized genera? They would seem to be the only ones
>that might be new  in the sense of Andy's source.

Muntingiaceae, a new family of dicotyledons with malvalean
affinities.  Bayer, C., M. W. Chase, and M. F. Fay.  1998.  Taxon


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