Three new vascular plant families

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Mon Jan 7 13:03:01 CST 2002

well, there are families like Stemonuraceae (Roemer) Karehed, Linnaeaceae
(Rafinesque) Backlund, Diervillaceae (Rafinesque) Pyck (the last two
perhaps to be included in an expanded Dipsacaceae (I think that is the
oldest nmame for the larger clade, but I may be mistaken), slightly older
are things like Ticodendraceae and Lacandoniaceae, although the latter is
probably derived from within Triuridaceae, to which it should thus be
assigned; also, Acanthochlamydaceae, which some would include in
Velloziaceae (the two are sister), Pentastemonaceae, probably to be
included in Stemonaceae - so rather more than three.


>I was told over the weekend that three new vascular plant families have
>been described recently - within the last 10 years was my impression -
>and was asked what they were.  I do not know - can anyone help?  I know
>- this is a little vague because so many new families are simply
>promotions or changed segregations. Does any one know of new families
>based on newly recognized genera? They would seem to be the only ones
>that might be new  in the sense of Andy's source.

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