"polarized" terminology

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Mon Jan 7 10:00:26 CST 2002

>      What term would one apply to polarizing (dividing) a character into
> just two character states?

If "polar" implied division into only two, then the term "bipolar" would be
redundant, wouldn't it?

My Webster's pocket edition defines Polar as: "1 having opposite magnetic
poles  2 opposite in character, nature, etc."  The active term here is
"opposite".  Although this may indeed imply "only two" (two seems inherent
to the notion of "opposite"), I think the more fundamental meaning is some
sense of directionality.  In the context of cladistics, I have to side with
Curtis on this one, in that "polar" refers to an assigning of
"directionality" to character states, rather than simply reduction into only
two alternatives.


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