irradiation shipping advice

Tue Jan 8 09:39:17 CST 2002

>>> Ron Gatrelle <gatrelle at TILS-TTR.ORG>
This is going from South Carolina to Virginia (Washington, DC area).  Has
anyone done this recently  -- especially with foam pinning surface?   I am
concerned about  possible heat from irradiation affecting the foam?   Other
concerns?  <<<<

You can always ship it UPS.  They have overnight, 2-day, and "regular"
service, in order of decreasing expense.  We have always shipped nearly all
our packages (bird specimens) via regular UPS service.  It takes no longer
than US Postal Service.  Since irradiation would make the specimens suspect
for any future biochemical analyses, I plan on continuing to avoid the US

Because of the general paranoia (I agree, not entirely undeserved) at USPS
these days, I recommend using other shippers for specimens.  We recently
mailed a large manuscript (that's right, paper) and it was held up at the
local mail sorting facility because it was "leaking".  They never did
explain how a box of paper could be leaking, but they finally shrink-wrapped
it and sent it on.  Who knows what will be held up, where, or for how long?

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