Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Tue Jan 8 09:20:45 CST 2002

I said:

> The second concern from the resistance camp has to do with the
> blind assumption that "nomenclature" is necessarily synonymous
> with "classification" ....


After reading Ken's recent post along these lines, I realize that it is
legitimate to associate the word "classification" with nomenclature, in the
sense that the nomenclature is fundamentally what we use to represent a
classification.  However, I was conceptualizing the term "classification" in
the context of cladograms and such; i.e., as synonymous with "phylogenetic
relationships".  I think either interpretation of the term is legitimate,
but for purposes of clarity, please read my post with the understanding of
how I had intended to use the term "classification".


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