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> Hi Bill,
> I'm looking for good images of organisms, too.
> I don't know how the video-discs worked,-- but I "inherited" a disc, but
> no-player.  We are unable to read the disc here in our CTM facility.  Isn't
> there a way that you could convert the video disc info to a CD?  If so, I'd
> like
> you to "play" my disk and do the conversion--for a fee, of course.

Dessie, I suppose you could wire up the laserdisk player to a computer, suck
in the images one by one and then burn them to a CD--but this would be
tedious--as well as illegal, since the images on the laserdisk are

I'm hoping to find a CD ready-made that would fit my needs, but so far no

Recently, our media center sold off all their laserdisk players at extremely
cheap prices and I bought one for the department as a reserve.  However,
this illustrates that the technology is obselete and that we cannot expect
to replace or repair our machines.

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