Paraphyly=mistakes? (There's the rub)

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on 9/1/02 11:13 AM, Ken Kinman at kinman at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:

> David,
> The phrase "koala bear" is a common name, and we are discussing formal
> (Latin) nomenclature.  However, if someone tries to classify the koala bear
> in the genus _Ursus_ or Order Carnivora, then I assure you that I would be
> the first to vociferously object.

Dear Ken et al.

Yes I agree that my argument was off target because "koala [bear]" is a
common name and we're discussing a formal classification.  However I still
feel that the spirit of the argument is the same - that the use of such
names, just like the use of names for paraphyletic groups, carries with it
inherent misinformation.  Having said that, I would concede that I too refer
to 'small-g gymnosperms' and 'small-b bryophytes' in my first year classes
(having explained paraphyly to them) but I do so with great caution and
considerable apprehension as I don't want to undermine my own evolutionary
biology teaching at third-year when I expect that most of the students will
have forgotten all that stuff I said about paraphyly and small letters and
only remember that there are gymnosperms and bryophytes (if I'm lucky!) - so
I try to make an effort to not use those names at all if I can, except as a
historical note to help them when reading older literature.

Cheers, David.

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