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Some taxacomers might not realize that if they use the reply function of the
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I don't know of a CD specifically, but I suggest that you try going to the
Southern California Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists (SCAMIT)
website at <> and check the links section.  There are
links to websites of invertebrate groups, many with pictures.  One to check
is Guana Island Marine Invertebrates.  It has many good color pictures that
are freely available for educational use.

Happy hunting,

Larry Lovell

Hi Bill,

I don't know if you are familiar with the Lucid identification system, but
they have about 17 interactive keys loaded with images of invertebrates
available free at their web site:

Many of these are draft versions or earlier versions of keys that have since
been published and are available commercially on CD-ROM with full versions
of the Lucid Player.

 I've found these keys invaluable in teaching Invertebrate Zoology,
especially for the arthropods (most of the invert keys so far). There also
are keys on corals, eucalypts, fungi and other taxa available.  A CD with a
variety of Lucid keys to arthropods, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, weeds, etc
is in production for use in teaching in Australian schools.

Two CDs with some of my keys and many hundreds of images have been published
(so caveat emptor), and I'll take this chance to plug them.  The 'Mites in
Soil' CD includes a key with most of the major groups of terrestrial
arthropods (e.g. Symphyla, Pauropoda, Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Isopoda,
Amphipoda, Collembola, Diplura, Insecta, most arachnid orders [and
tardigrades and onychophorans for good luck]) and four mite keys:

Walter, D.E. & Proctor, H.C.  2001.  Mites in Soil: An interactive key to
mites and other soil microarthropods.  ABRS Identification Series.  CSIRO
Press, Collingwood.
<> 3140

 <> Interactive Guide
to Australian Aquatic Invertebrates, Windows Edition 2.  CSIRO Publishing,
Collingwood, Victoria (LucID CD-ROM interactive key).


Dave Walter

I have been using

Carefoot, T. & Yound, C. 1998.  Invertebrate Zoology Multimedia Lab
Assistant.  Faculty of Science, University of British Columbia.

with some satisfaction.


Martin Dube, Ph.D., associate professor
Edmundston Campus, University of Moncton
Edmundston, NB, CANADA  E3V 2S8
Tel.: 506-737-5154   Fax : 506-737-5373

Gail et al,

We sell a couple of CD's that might work. "Annotated Invertebrate Clipart
CD" (Item #EDU2) and "The Insects" (Item #EDU1). I don't know for sure if
this is what they are looking for, but comparing the e-mail requests and
item descriptions, I think it might work out. Both are listed on our website

Hope this helps,

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> customers on TAXACOM if so.
> Gail

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