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Gail E. Kampmeier gkamp at UIUC.EDU
Wed Jan 9 09:32:02 CST 2002

The Entomological Society of America sells a couple of CD's that might
work. "Annotated Invertebrate Clipart CD" (Item #EDU2) and "The Insects"
(Item #EDU1). Both are listed on their website

[information courtesy of Chris Stelzig, Marketing Manager at ESA]


>At 03:55 PM 8/01/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm looking for a CD or similar resource with lots of pictures of
>invertebrate diversity, for use in lectures in a course in Invertebrate
>I have been using a video-disk (remember those?) but now our player is
>getting unreliable and the machines are no longer easily obtained, if at
>all.  I'd very much prefer to go to a CD, perhaps even one the students
>could buy.
>Any ideas?
>Bill Shear
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