clashing codes; mammals & morganucodonts

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Mon Jan 14 08:50:56 CST 2002

I would suggest, in the spirit of civility, that there is no need to become
offensive to either the writer or the rest of the list.  If one must get
personal in one's response, then don't use the "Reply All" button.



Curtis Clark wrote:

> At 07:48 AM 1/13/02, Ken Kinman wrote:
> >Anyway, it was no surprise that it
> >was a strict cladist who asked about moving morganucodonts *into* Mammalia.
> It was a *botanist*, for crying out loud. Give me a f***ing break! As far
> as I can tell, you and Linnaeus are the only people in the history of
> systematics to have intimate familiarity with every organism, and I find it
> offensive that you use this fact to lord it over all the rest of us who can
> only keep track of 1500 or so taxa at a time.
> I promise to shut up (at least in response to you) on this matter, and go
> back to my day job of teaching subversive cladist ideas to countless
> impressionable college students, who are so ignorant that it actually seems
> to make sense to them.
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