Correction of a mangled sentence

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Tue Jan 15 10:17:41 CST 2002

Sorry -- most typos are virtually transparent, but this one, I think,
requires correction...

I said:

> but there are various limitiations in the current state of
> data models standards, as well as propblems of interpreting
> how the definitions actually changed over the course of taxonomic
> histoy -- but we already had thayt threat recently, so
> lets' not go there...)

I think the word "problems" was evident, but the last two lines should have

"...history -- but we've already had that thread recently, so let's not go

O.K., that fills my quota of 3 Taxacom postings per day, so whether I get
riled up or not, you won't be hearing from me again at least until tomorrow.


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