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Teresa Prendusi,  Regional Botanist
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Shrub Science Opportunity

The Shrub Sciences Laboratory and the International Institute of
Tropical Forestry have been working to produce short monographs
(thamnics descriptions) on wildland shrubs of the United States and
territories, which are being incorporated into the Wildland Shrub Manual
published in www.fs.fed.us/global/iitf/wildland_shrubs.htm
<http://www.fs.fed.us/global/iitf/wildland_shrubs.htm>. At the start of
2002, the introduction and eight thamnics descriptions were accessible
with another 20 waiting posting on the page. During the past year, we
have received promises to describe about 180 species and committed
$10,000 in financial support to certain authors. 

Because there are about 3,000 species of shrubs in the U.S. and
territories, a great deal more remains to be done. We urge anyone with
special familiarity with specific wildland shrub species to contribute.
The descriptions are about 2 pages long and include a photo or drawing,
a general description, and sections on range, ecology, reproduction,
growth and management, and benefits as far as each is known. Detail on
the required format may be viewed at the above web page. Please contact
John K. Francis, at: jfrancisjr at fs.fed.us <mailto:jfrancisjr at fs.fed.us>
or 801-356-5100 with any questions and to reserve species.

We have funds that can be made available to a limited number of authors
to help support the writing of new species. There are no restrictions as
to who can receive support or which species can be described, excepting
those species already reserved. Persons desiring financial support
should submit a short proposal (one page or less) naming the species to
be described, justifying the author's ability to produce the description
or descriptions, and stating a dollar amount the author requires to
perform the work. Proposals must be received by April 1. Recipients will
have one year to complete an acceptable first draft.

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