polarized and unpolarized

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Sorry, Pierre, for misunderstanding (weighting of 'changes' instead of
characters). I never felt the necessity for such an operation in my
practical work and did associate the term weighting only with characters.


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> At 17:02 09/01/2002 +1000, Larissa Vasilyeva wrote:
> >2. He   [Pierre Deleporte]   wrote that different states are given a
> >different weight, but, actually, states of the same character are of
> >weight since 'weight' of a character means its position in a hierarchy.
> In fact I wrote:
> "In phylogenetic inference, ordering characters is a coding procedure
> consisting in giving a different weight to changes between different
> of a character".
> The key word is "changes". I was speaking of weight of transitions between
> character states, i.e. weight of "steps" for parsimony analysis, but
> neither "weight of characters" nor "weight of character states" properly.
> >  (If two genera differ in some character, and one genus possesses a
> > primitive state of this character, while another genus has an advanced
> > state, one can trace a phylogenetic line but both states are equal in
> > level, consequently in weight).
> I did not mean this at all, but  "weighting changes" (steps). Character
> ordering, in cladistic jargon, consist in giving increasing weight to
> between character states more distant in the "order" (=unpolarized
> of states).
> "Unordered" characters mean that for such characters all changes (= steps)
> between any two states are given equal weight for calculating tree length.
> Talking of "character weighting" instead of "character steps weighting"
> be misleading.
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