Robert Brown 200 conference - May 2002, Sydney

Karen Wilson Karen.Wilson at RBGSYD.NSW.GOV.AU
Wed Jan 16 13:06:24 CST 2002


An international conference celebrating Robert Brown's time in NSW and his contribution to science
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 8 - 10 May 2002
In May 1802, Robert Brown first set foot in Sydney as surgeon-naturalist on Matthew Flinders' expedition. He returned several times over the next three years, making a pre-eminent contribution to knowledge of our local flora. A three-day conference celebrating his time in this region and his lasting scientific contributions will be held under the auspices of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Greening Australia (NSW) Inc., the Linnean Society of London and the Australian Systematic Botany Society.

The conference will include invited talks, and posters, on two broad themes:
- Brown's lasting influence on botanical systematics
- Changes in the vegetation of the Sydney region since his visit: current conservation and land management issues.

Further information: Or contact Professor David Mabberley (chair of the organising committee): dmabberley at, phone 61-2-9231 8111, fax 61-2-9251 7231.

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