Paraphyly is real

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I suggest folk read the Farris paper carefully, making sure that they fully
understand what it's all about, and that they agree that the arguments
follow from the premises - before they accept anything about "information
content". The latter is a most slippery concept, and susceptible to all
sorts of manipulation to serve a prejudged result. If you can find it, try
Colless, "Classification et Information", in Tassy, P. (ed): L'Ordre et la
Diversite du Vivant, Fondation Diderot, Fayard.

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In response to Zdenak's question.  Cladistic classification has been 
evaluated on the basis of explicit optimality criteria, information 
content and predictivity, and found to be superior to phenetic or 
eclectic classification.  I give the reference below.

Farris (1979) The information content of the phylogenetic system. Syst. 
Zoology 28:483-519.


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> Dear all.
> If we are saying that one concept (of monophyly, e.g.) is scientifically
> better than the other, we are saying (1) that there exists a
> (measurable) optimality criterion that can be used for all the relevant
> concepts, (2) that the "best" concept reaches (at least local) maximum
> rating along this optimality criterion and (3) that we can explicitly
> show why is this optimality criterion relevant for this particular
> comparison.
> I suspect that cladistics still have not provided us with the points 1-3
> (instead we are supplied with vague rhetoric like "most natural
> solution" etc.). Perhaps now is the appropriate time and place?
> Best!
> Zdenek Skala
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