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Roland Eberwein roland.eberwein at LANDESMUSEUM-KTN.AT
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Dear Listmembers,

several weeks ago, I posted a call for help: I'm looking for a suitable database to manage a herbarium and a botanical garden.
I got a lot of  tips, support and informative discussions - CORDIAL THANKS TO ALL !!
Now I want to share the results:

Many listmembers are working with self-developed databases using MS Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro or Paradox. I don't want to develop an own database because I'm a single fighter in "my" herbarium. If I go mad, it would be difficult to update or convert the database. A "professional" database is more secure: you get support, updates and if the company goes bankrupt, others are affected too and the way out can be easier found by teamwork.
MS Access is the most popular database software (be careful, Access should not be used for larger databases. For example, Willoughby Ass.,snap.html,intro_left,snap.html,intro_right recommend only 60.000 objects for their Access-based database SNAP!)

Recommended (used by listmembers) software packages are:
Database engine: OpenInsight
Single user licence: more than 4000 Br. Pounds (module system)
Very good support (Kerry Walter); extensive software

*KE Emu*
Database engine: KE Texpress
Very good support (Doug Belford); extensive software; KE Emu is expensive

*Bio Office*
Database engine: ?
Single user licence: 950 Euro
Very good support (Paul Schreilechner); focus on mapping (with ArcView), GIS - primarily not designed for herbaria or bot. gardens!

Database engine: FoxPro
Very good support (Denis Filer); BRAHMS is free

*Multi MIMSY 2000*
Database engine: Oracle 8i
Stand-alone copy: 10000 USD
Extensive software; Willoughby Ass. offers interesting additional software to Multi MIMSY!

Database engine: SQL Server version 7
Single user licence: 275 Aust. Dollars

Database engine: Access 2000
Specify is free
Nobody mentioned the German Systax! This was a great surprise for me. 

Database engine: Oracle

For those, who are looking for a database too, it's worth to open:

Best wishes and
good luck!

PS: I couldn't make a decision up to now.

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