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Bill Shear wshear at EMAIL.HSC.EDU
Thu Jan 17 11:03:27 CST 2002

Taxacomers might be interested in the outcome of my search for CD/ROMs with
pictures of invertebrates.

I bought "Invertebrate Clipart" produced by Educational Images Ltd. From the
ESA website.  I find this almost useless.  It consists of long series of,
for the most part, very crude drawings which are inferior to those found in
the usual textbooks.  So far I have not found any photographs on this disk.

On the other hand, I also bought Invertebrate Zoology Multimedia Lab
Assistant from Tangent Scientific.  This set of 3 discs is superb and
amounts to a minicourse in IZ, with photographs, detailed diagrams and many
well-done animations.  Dr. Tom Carefoot of the University of British
Columbia is responsible for this excellent production.

I will be making IZML available on a computer in the lab, and using it in

Thanks to all who responded.

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