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Niklas Wahlberg Niklas.Wahlberg at ZOOLOGI.SU.SE
Fri Jan 18 16:10:29 CST 2002

At 09:54 18.01.2002 -0500, Bill Shear wrote:
>I'm finding that there are fewer and fewer outlets for the publication of
>papers that consist mostly of descriptions of new taxa.  It seems that most
>of the ones that are left are proprietary journals of the larger museums.
>Not that there's anything wrong with that; I'm a research associate of AMNH
>and VMNH and so have access to their series.  But I would like to find other
>places that would gladly, not grudgingly, accept alpha taxonomic papers.

Well, for insects and other terrestrial arthropods in the Palaearctic, the
best ;-) forum is Entomologica Fennica
http://sekj.pc.helsinki.fi/EF/entfen.htm (indexed in  Biological Abstracts,
Current Contents A, B & ES, Entomology Abstracts, BIOSIS, BIOSIS U.K.,
CABS, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Inst. for Scientific Info Publication
Processing), though from your e-mail signature I gather you work with
marine arthropods.


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