Outlets for alpha taxonomy

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Fri Jan 18 12:05:54 CST 2002

Fortunately, plant systematists have a number of alternatives.  All of the major
journals (Systematic Botany, Taxon, Rhodora, Kew Bulletin, Novon, Madrono,
Castanea, Plant Systematics and Evolution, and others) accept papers describing
new species.  However, for some, the general editorial policy is that the paper
should be more than just the species description - there should be some discussion
of the systematic importance or significance of the new species as well; e.g., how
does it fit into the currently held view of the phylogeny, biogeography, ecology,
etc. of the taxa to which it belongs.

> Bill Shear wrote:
> > I'm finding that there are fewer and fewer outlets for the publication of
> > papers that consist mostly of descriptions of new taxa.  It seems that most
> > of the ones that are left are proprietary journals of the larger museums.
> > Not that there's anything wrong with that; I'm a research associate of AMNH
> > and VMNH and so have access to their series.  But I would like to find other
> > places that would gladly, not grudgingly, accept alpha taxonomic papers.
> > I find this somewhat incongruent with the large amount of attention being
> > given to laments about how little we know of the contents of biological
> > world.

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