Paraphyly and names

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Fri Jan 18 08:16:40 CST 2002

>      I will get to Richard Pyle's more complicated scenario in a second
> e-mail later today (time permitting).  But first I'm going to
> respond to the
> Zdenek Skala and Thomas Pape debate, since it has a relatively simple
> pectinate cladogram, with E splitting off first, then D, then C,
> then B & A

Actually, I now wish that I had not sent that earlier complicated scenario.
My intent was to offer an explicit, unambiguous example that people could
use as a common reference aginst which to illustrate their respective
feelings about the rocky marriage between nomenclature and phylogeny. The
discussion between Zdenek, Thomas, you, and others has captured the intent
of my scenario, in a MUCH more simple and effective way -- so by all means,
let's focus on this approach, rather than dilute the conversation in
splitting it across two separate but related threads.

Stepping back now....


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