ANNOUNCEMENT: MALVB 1.0, an interface for LVB

Daniel Barker db2 at SANGER.AC.UK
Sun Jan 20 13:49:09 CST 2002

LVB <> is a free phylogeny
program. We wish to announce MALVB, a graphical user interface for LVB
running under Unix or Linux.

MALVB 1.0 was written by Marc Ludewig and Andreas Basios at Fachhochschule

MALVB 1.0 is available for free download at the LVB Web site:

See the "Related Software" section.

Enthusiasts may wish to experiment with MALVB under Windows, MacOS or
OS/2, but the current version might have problems on these systems.

I would like to thank Marc Ludewig and Andreas Basios for their excellent
work on MALVB, and Martin "Herbert" Dietze for arranging and coordinating
the project.

Comments and questions are welcome. Contact either Marc Ludewig, whose
email address is given in the MALVB Readme file, or myself.

Dr Daniel Barker

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