Conference: International Congress on Phthiraptera (Lice)

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Dear Colleagues,

Announcing the Second International Congress on Phthiraptera (Lice)
8-12 July, 2002. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Lice (Phthiraptera) are insects of major medical and veterinary importance 
as parasites, pests, and vectors of animal and human diseases. In recent 
years they have become a model organism for testing questions in ecology 
and evolutionary biology, and play a key role in the development of 
analytical models for assessing the patterns and rates of cospeciation. 
This Symposium will bring together the world's leading authorities on lice 
to produce a summary of our current knowledge of lice and louse-borne 
disease. A major objective of this conference will be to help coordinate 
further research into lice and louse-bone-pathogens. Systematics plays an 
increasingly important role in this endeavour. This will be reflected by 
the conference participants, providing a rare opportunity for interaction 
between members of the medical, veterinary and systematic community. The 
conference will include invited plenary lectures from world authorities, 
sessions of oral presentations of submitted papers and poster presentations.

Sessions cover all aspects of lice and louse-borne pathogens under the 
following headings:
· Louse phylogeny and evolution
· Louse biology & epidemiology
· Louse species concepts & systematics
· Head lice & public health: policy & practice
· Louse-borne pathogens and disease
· Pediculicide resistance

Dr Stephen Barker , e-mail: S.Barker at
Offers of presentations should include a title and short abstract

If you are planning to attend the congress, register before March 29th to 
receive a discount.
Reduced registration fees are available for students and limited funds are 
available to help students from developing or reconstructing countries with 
travel costs.

Further details are available from the conference website
Apologies if you inadvertently receive duplicate announcements.

Best regards,
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