New PO Box address for the Smithsonian Institution

Sally Shelton Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU
Wed Jan 23 10:56:43 CST 2002

For anyone concerned about shipping materials to the SI/NMNH, please take note of the following address, effective immediately. This is outside the Federal unique zip codes and will not be subject to irradiation. Contact your correspondents at the SI for their MRC mailing codes if you do not know that. And thanks to everyone for your patience!

Sally Y. Shelton
Collections Officer
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC   20560-0107
phone (202) 786-2601, FAX (202) 786-2328
email Shelton.Sally at

List owner, PERMIT-L

>>> SI Email Announcements 10:41:35 AM Wednesday, January 23, 2002 >>>
New PO Box address for the Smithsonian Institution

The central mail services branch has opened a new PO Box, effective January 22, 2002,  for the Smithsonian to start using for all incoming mail.  This PO Box is good for all first, third and fourth class mail envelopes and packages.  Please use the following new address immediately.

Your Name 
Your Title and Office Name ( optional)
Smithsonian Institution
PO Box 37012
Your Building Name, Room Number and MRC Code
Washington, DC 20013-7012

Please remember to always include your MRC Code in your address.  This code is used to sort the Smithsonian mail.  You must always use the PO Box number and the new zip code for this mail to end up in this PO Box.  If you use the old zip code, the mail will go through the federal mail system's Brentwood Central Mail Processing Facility and take up to two months for delivery.  

We anticipate retrieving mail from the PO Box twice a day, and delivering this unirradiated mail within 24 hours to each office throughout Smithsonian.  We estimate needing to use this PO Box address for at least the rest of this fiscal year, and maybe longer, depending on the United States Postal Service's plans to open the Brentwood Facility and speed delivery.  

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