Trimesurus sp.?

W.Wuster w.wuster at BANGOR.AC.UK
Mon Jan 28 12:14:05 CST 2002

Gianluca Polgar wrote:
> Hi, there!
> Does anyone know the scientific name of this snake?
> (visit the pages:,
> I found it in the Kuala Selangor Park, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
> (Peninsular, West coast, Selangor river estuary), in 1996.
> I was in a mangrove forest, on the marine fringe. Trees around there were
> of Avicennia marina.
> Tide was on the ebb and the snakes seemed to be surprised by the water rising.
> It remained in that position for about an hour, probably waiting for the
> water flowing away, or looking for some prey (?).

Looks like a juvenile Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus - that would be
typical habitat, in any case. However, it if difficult to be 100% certain
from the photos you forwarded.

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