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John Noyes jsn at NHM.AC.UK
Mon Jan 28 13:03:38 CST 2002

Dear All,

I am please to advise you all that the second (first revised) edition of
the World Chalcidoidea (Insecta, Hymenoptera) Database on CD is now
available. It can be obtained directly from Dicky Yu (E-mail:
DickyS._Yu at; or Dicky S. Yu, P.O.Box 48205, Bentall Centre,
Vancouver B.C., V7X 1N8, CANADA; see also The price is an
absolute snip at $190 for a first purchase or $95 for an upgrade on proof
of purchase of the first edition which was published by ETI. There will be
a small additional charge to cover postage, etc.

The CD contains information on all aspects of the taxonomy, biology and
distribution of more than 26,000 taxa of Chalcidoidea published up to April
2001 and includes many corrections of errors that were present in the first
edition. It contains information equivalent to more than 20,000 printed
pages. There are also more than 300 images of living chalcidoids (for those
that are interested in images of living invertebrates). Dicky has included
many new features such as a distribution map facility (which is very nice
indeed) and an improved capability for host searches so that it is now
possible to search for hosts of parasitoids at any taxonomic level (family,
subfamily, genus, species). Using the CD is a little more complex than with
the first version and so I would strongly advise browsing through the
manual to find all its capabilities. I think Dicky is to be congratulated
on the database design, which, although basically the same as in the
previous version is much more pleasing on the eye to use and vastly
superior in functionality.

As with the previous version, the CD is aimed at Windows users and should
work on any platform, including Windows 95 to Windows 2000 and NT. So far
as I know it has not been tested on XP. Mac users should be able to use the
CD with "SoftWindows" or "Virtual PC". If anyone tries the CD on XP please
could you let me know how it performs so that I can pass it on.


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Interactive catalogue and biological database of World Chalcidoidea on CD:

Contact the publisher: DickyS._Yu at, or Dicky S. Yu, P.O.Box 48205,
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