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 This is now getting close to what I have been wondering for some time:  does eclectic taxonomy have algorithms ("principles" in Tom's terms, below) by which two eclectic taxonomists, at different places and not communicating with each other, could take the same data regarding the distribution of character states through an array of taxa and come up with identical taxonomies?  Or, if not identical, then two taxonomies which differ in ways that have nothing to do with the taxonomists' respective seniority in the field, artistry in character weighting, personal tastes, or notions of expediency?
  Thomas DiBenedetto <tdib at OCEANCONSERVANCY.ORG> wrote: In short, what are your principles for making such
By the way, I was rather taken aback by the suggestion that I'm just
"winging it" with no "principles" in my methodology. The Library of
Congress has two copies of The Kinman System (my 1994 book), and plenty of
universities have it too (so interlibrary loan is always an option as well).

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