How to arrange a new Herbarium?

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Tue Jan 29 18:41:02 CST 2002

I agree; the alphabetical arangement teaches you little, and it is hell to
try and teach using an alphabetically-arranged herbarium of any size.  I
also agree with others who have noted that getting things in their clades
is a reasonable thing to do, and it can be relatively easy to do even in
established herbaria if you accept that orders (for example) may be out of
any sequence that is congruent with the tree.  So if the sequence starts
with Engler's Amentiferae, most can be left there, and just Salicaceae
removed to somewhere close to Violaceae, etc.  But if you are starting up a
new herbarium, then Aments can put close to Fabales, etc..

peter S.

>At 11:24 AM 1/29/02 +0800, you wrote:
>>I am currently in the throes of setting up a new University Herbarium.
>>The question is - what/whose is the 'best' system to use for arranging
>>plant families?Has anyone else had this job in recent times? How did you
>>decide what to do? has anyone elected to run with the APG system of
>>orders yet?

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