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 Thank you for giving Taxacom notice about ODE.  From what you write below (and from the web site itself), it appears that "purely taxonomic papers" are published solely electronically (with extended abstracts in the printed-on-paper journal).  This would seem to exclude manuscripts wishing to introduce new zoological taxa -- the ICZN requires hard-copy publication -- am I correct in thinking this?  Furthermore, the web page implies that new species descriptions will be accepted only as part of a paper of broader general interest.
Barry  Roth
  Susanne Schulmeister <susanne71_2000 at YAHOO.DE> wrote: Hi,

"Organisms, Diversity, and Evolution", or short: ODE,
is a new journal (by the Gesellschaft für biologische
Systematik) that publishes systematic publications. In
its electronic supplement it publishes taxonomic
papers. I am citing from the website:

"purely taxonomic papers to be published in the
electronic supplement by GfBS. Extended abstracts of
these publications will be contained in the printed
Journal. The electronic supplement will be available
on the internet independent of the printed Journal to
everybody interested."

The website is found at

Since it is still new, publication is relatively fast.

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