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Liz Visher Liz.Visher at EA.GOV.AU
Wed Jan 30 16:50:18 CST 2002

Ebbe Nielsen Regional Scholarship 2002

The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) a Program of
Environment Australia, has established a new postgraduate scholarship
called the Ebbe Nielsen Regional Postgraduate Scholarship. Following the
death in March 2001 of Dr Ebbe Nielsen, an outstanding taxonomist from
CSIRO Division of Entomology in Canberra, Australia, ABRS has now set up
a memorial training award, in the form of an international postgraduate
scholarship to honour him. Dr Nielsen was a pioneer in advancing the
role of taxonomy within the broader biodiversity sector, and played a
fundamental part in establishing the Global Biodiversity Information
Facility (GBIF), and promoted the importance of taxonomy in Australia
and abroad.

The objectives of the Ebbe Nielsen postgraduate scholarship are to
foster research training in taxonomy in the Australasian region focused
on Australasian flora and fauna. Under the Ebbe Nielsen Award,
international students are offered the opportunity to obtain a
postgraduate qualification and to gain experience with leading
Australian taxonomists. The Scholarship is open to international
students from countries within the Australasian region, who wish to
undertake quality taxonomic research for a period of three years for a
Doctorate by research degree.

One award will be given each year, which will comprise of a stipend,
research support and relocation funding. The Ebbe Nielsen Scholarship
Guidelines and Application form package is available from the ABRS
website: the address is
The deadline for applications is 12 March 2002. Contact Ms Liz Visher,
Business Manager, ABRS, GPO BOX 787, CANBERRA ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA on
phone (612) 6250 9554, fax (612) 6250 9555 or email
liz.visher at

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