Paraphyly and names

SKÁLA Zdenek skala at INCOMA.CZ
Wed Jan 30 12:43:24 CST 2002

Skála Zdenek wrote:
>> ... You simply prefer to have 2^n-1 taxa (given n=number of species).
Thomas Pape wrote:
>We seem to agree that there is one particular Tree of Life with numerous branches. As scientists 
>we want to convey information relating to certain branches.
This is the point. Either we will name all clades as Thomas DiBenedetto apparently proposes or we will select only some of them as named taxa (not speaking about the paraphyly/holophyly for the moment). In the latter case we will need some operational criteria to distinguish which of the clades should be named and which should not be named - that's all.


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