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Susanne Schulmeister susanne71_2000 at YAHOO.DE
Wed Jan 30 16:00:44 CST 2002

P.S.: I just had a quick look at the latest issue of
ODE (see below). The "extended abstract" in the
printed version of the journal (mentioned in my
previous post) contains the description of the new
species INCLUDING the figures showing the new species.
I assume that this suffices to fulfill the rules of
the ICZN. This way, the species description should be
valid. The other stuff, revision, redescription of
known species of the group etcetera, which is not
necessary to describe the species, can be found in the
electronic supplement.

I think this is a great compromise to get taxonomic
papers published electronically under the current
rules. This way, many taxonomic papers can be
published without taking up much space in a printed
journal, and they are easily accessable to everyone
with access to the net as well as those having access
only to printed material. Also, with more and more
journals going this way, the pressure on the ICZN to
accept webbased publication might grow -- or, on the
other hand, purely webbased species descriptions might
become obsolete.


New journal: ODE - Organisms, Diversity and Evolution
by the Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik.

Susanne Schulmeister
Institute of Zoology and Anthropology
University of Göttingen, Germany


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