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     Without a doubt, I would very strongly recommend the following book:
Ernst Mayr and Peter Ashlock, 1991.  Principles of Systematic Zoology (2nd
Edition).  Studying the ICZN Rules without such a guide would be a
*harrowing* experience.
     He will get an excellent overall view, with a little more of a
cladistic slant from Ashlock's parts of the book.  If he wants to get the
"purely" cladistic view, he can then delve into "The Compleat Cladist".
      I really feel sorry for anyone having to understand the complexities
of taxonomy at this very unsettled time, but I think Mayr and Ashlock's book
is anyone's best bet to help get them through whatever is going to be
happening in the next several years.  I wish your friend good luck.
          --- Cheers,  Ken Kinman

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>         A colleague of mine, much interested in rodents, needs to study
>zoological taxonomy (including rules of nomencature). Is there an
>introductory text that he should consider, short of ICZN?
>         Thanks JOHN
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