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Susanne Schulmeister susanne71_2000 at YAHOO.DE
Wed Jan 30 16:57:15 CST 2002

Bill Shear wrote:
> Thus I think the ICZN wise to insist on it until
> more permanent means of
> electronic publication arise.  Also, the hard copy
> requirement is relatively
> modest: a few copies can be made and placed in
> designated repository
> libraries, and the criteria as to what constitutes
> publication have been loosened.

It is true that webbased information is not as
permanent. But noone said that a journal which
publishes additional information on a website could
not make a few copies of this information and place it
in designated repository libraries.

> I do feel a bit resentful about the comment that
> taxonomic papers "take up
> space" in journals that, by implication, might
> devote their pages to more
> important matters.  Taxonomy IS important, and
> deserves all of the space it
> gets in those relatively few journals still willing
> to publish it.

I agree with you that taxonomy is important. When I
made the comment referred to above, I was referring in
turn to earlier comments made in this thread which
explained that many journals do not want to publish
taxonomic papers because they lower the journal's
impact factor. And those journals that do publish
taxonomic papers (and are then often not even covered
by the ISI) simply do not have all the space they
might want to have to publish these papers. The thread
began when someone asked where he could publish his
taxonomic papers nowadays. If the journals that are
willing to publish taxonomic papers would use the
above mentioned way of publishing, they'd be able to
publish more of the important taxonomic papers in the
same amount of printed space. Wouldn't that be

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