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> Bill Shear wrote:
> > Thus I think the ICZN wise to insist on it until
> > more permanent means of
> > electronic publication arise.  Also, the hard copy
> > requirement is relatively
> > modest: a few copies can be made and placed in
> > designated repository
> > libraries, and the criteria as to what constitutes
> > publication have been loosened.
> It is true that webbased information is not as
> permanent. But no one said that a journal which
> publishes additional information on a website could
> not make a few copies of this information and place it
> in designated repository libraries.

Susanne -  Material may be brought out to the public's attention by any and
all media.  But for the purposes of the Code,  the validity and thus date
of _first_ publication is limited to that media that meets the Code's
requirements of what constitutes publication.  Simply said, your scenario
is backwards.  Viewed from the perspective of officially, the electronic
media can only make the info available for public consumption _after_ it is
validly published scientifically.

If the information is presented on-line first it is bogus scientifically -
until and unless it is published somewhere else in accord with the Code.

Ron Gatrelle

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