Oreobolus (and Voladeria)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jul 7 03:20:58 CDT 2002

John and Robert,
     Thanks for the information.  Not only has Schoenoides been synonymized
into  Oreobolus, but I discovered that so has a genus called Voladeria
(which was apparently originally classified in Family Juncaceae).  Voladeria
carchiensis is from Ecuador.
     It sounds like Seberg's analysis showed a paraphyletic subgenus
Costularia giving rise to Oreobolus, which makes me wonder if genus
Costularia might be split in the future by strict cladists (I might even
advocate some such splitting myself, although not automatically just because
it's paraphyletic).     I will be particularly interested to see how
Costularia xyridiodes (spelling?) from New Caledonia fits into this, since
New Caledonia seems to have been a refuge for a lot of primitive
     QUESTION:   I was looking on the Cyperaceae page of Watson and
Dallwitz's site, and it makes reference to Bruhl, 1998, "Genera of
Cyperaceae", but the URL given contains no such document that I could find.
Anybody know if Bruhl's work is still available anywhere online?
       ------  Thanks,  Ken Kinman
>From: John Grehan <jrg13 at PSU.EDU>
>Subject: Oreobolus
>Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 22:41:21 -0400
>According to Seberg (1988), if his phylogeny is to be believed, the sister
>genus is Schoenoides which is confined to Tasmania. After that it the next
>group appears to comprise a cluster of species in Costularia subgenus
>Costularia. I'm not sure of the details but the distribution of this group
>includes Africa and east Asia. I'll have to look for more detail (or
>hopefully someone knows already).
>John Grehan

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