Order Poales (sensu compromisso) = "core Glumiflorae"

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 8 03:42:08 CDT 2002

     You can easily draw cladogram lines in the left hand margins of my
classifications.   After a while, you don't even need the lines, because you
begin to visualize the cladogram in your head.  I code my classifications in
a way to facilitate this process.
     Below I am also giving my present coding of Order Poales (sensu
compromisso) to the family level (largely following the APG phylogeny).  The
question is whether Typhaceae is the basal clade (as shown below), or
whether Poales clade 2 (the three families of the "cyperalean" clade) should
actually be the basal clade, with Typhaceae splitting off as the second
clade (at this stage, I'm not sure which coding would be most parsimonious):

   1  Acorales
   2  Alismatales
   3  "Liliidae clades" (in progress)
   4      "       "
   B      "       "
   C      "       "
   5      "       "
   6  Arecales
   7  Zingiberales
   8  Commelinales
   9  Bromeliales
  10  Xyridales
   B  Hydatellales
  11  Poales (sensu Kinman 2002)
         1  Typhaceae
         2  Thurniaceae
         B  Juncaceae
         C  Cyperaceae
         3  Flagellariaceae
         4  Anarthriaceae
         5  Centrolepidaceae
         B  Restionaceae
         6  Joinvilleaceae
         7  Ecdeiocoleaceae
         8  Poaceae

>From: Curtis Clark <jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU>
>Reply-To: Curtis Clark <jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU>
>Subject: Re: Order Poales (sensu compromisso) = "core Glumiflorae"
>Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 16:50:45 -0700
>At 16:33 2002-07-07, Ken Kinman wrote:
>>I worry about students
>>(and everyone else) becoming too dependent on trees (which are often too
>>complex to keep clear in one's head), and that is why I prefer simpler
>>balanced) classifications with the cladistic complexity being encoded.
>Simple means different things to different people. If I actually care about
>a specific Kinman classification (which happens occasionally), I convert it
>into a tree to figure it out.
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