Unit trays for fossils

Roger J. Burkhalter rjb at OU.EDU
Mon Jul 8 13:40:36 CDT 2002


We use "All Packaging Co.", address:

Jill S. Koelzer (jillk at allpackco.com)
Louise Fager (louisef at allpackco.com)
All Packaging Company
Phone: 800-229-3711
Fax: 816-842-8312

They have a wide selection at reasonable prices of pH neutral, archival
quality, white specimen boxes. Prices vary with the quantity ordered and box
size. We normally would get several museum departments to 'go in' on a larger
order to get better pricing. We also use ethafoam from a local supplier to
line the case bottom and individual boxes. Ethafoam is archival. I do not
know of a box supplier that makes boxes with the foam inserts included.

Hope this helps...

Roger J. Burkhalter
Curator/Archivist, Invertebrate Paleontology
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
University of Oklahoma

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002 10:54:05 -0600, Gene Hall <Eugene.Hall at COLORADO.EDU>

>         I'm looking for sources to compare pricing of unit trays to house
>fossil invertebrates & plants. These need to be of archival quality. Foam
>bottoms are also desired.
>         Any suggestions are welcome.
>Gene Hall
>Collections Manager
>Invertebrate Zoology & Paleontology
>CU Museum of Natural History
>UCB 265
>University of Colorado
>Boulder, CO 80309-0265
>PH: 303-735-5262  FAX: 303-735-2274

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