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Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
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The email from another list below covers a word you do not often see, but
would seem to be fundamental to the discussion of biogeography and spatial
representation of biological information...

maybe we also need a 'panubiety' for people who need to discuss patterns
and process of occurrence... :)


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>Subject: A.Word.A.Day--ubiety
>ubiety (yoo-BYE-i-tee) noun
>    The condition of existing in a particular location.
>[From Latin ubi (where) + -ety, a variant of ity.]
>Here's a more familiar word with the same root: ubiquity, the state of
>being everywhere.
>    "Ubiety suffuses Milosz's work, though he says that `whether I wanted
>    this to happen or not, the landscapes of California have merged with
>    the landscapes of Lithuania.'"
>    David Kipen, ABCs of Milosz -- A Life in Letters, The San Francisco
>    Chronicle, Mar 21, 2001.
>    "And so every anecdote in Northern Ireland has to come accompanied by
>    its refutation. One person will tell a story pointing up the ubiety of
>    the sectarian divide, and how both groups can instantly identify one
>    another and then someone else will chime up and say: but what about
>    so-and-so."
>    Will Self, A Little Cottage Industry Business is Thriving in Northern
>    Ireland, The Guardian (London), Jul 10, 1994
>Nature does nothing uselessly. -Aristotle (384-322 BCE)
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