Phylogenetic evidence

Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU
Wed Jul 10 14:36:28 CDT 2002

Tom Di Benetto wrote:
" I find this definition to be overly broad, and thus taking us in the wrong
direction. This definition seems to indicate that phylogenetics is equal to
the combined disciplines of systematics and evolutionary biology. Phylogeny
has always referred to the historical relationships between species and
groups of species (from the Greek - "tribe"- "origin"). Phylogenetics is
thus equal to the discipline of historical systematics - the enterprise of
erecting classifications of species based strictly on their historical

He got it right, in that the word is from the Greek for "tribe" and "origin"
- that is, it's the study of the origins of species - or taxa, if you wish;
but what  warrants the leap, to the "enterprise of erecting classifications
" etc.?

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