What is a character?

Phil Bunch pbunch at CTS.COM
Wed Jul 10 06:27:09 CDT 2002

I think this would be interesting but would a definition of
"character" work across widely different taxa? It could become so
general as to lose meaning. Since I have a very narrow focus I have
not though much about the wide applicability of such a definition.

Phil Bunch

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Subject: What is a character?

> Personally, I believe that insistence on precise definitions is
> unhelpful and at base illusory; but a common set of agreed terms (or
> understanding of the other chap's usage) is no doubt important. If
> starting a thread on the term "character", I recommend a glance at
my own
> discussion of the matter - Sys. Zool. 34:229-233, 1985 - that is, if
> library goes back to the Dark Ages!
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