Revision of Int. Code Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants

Piers Trehane Dvader at INDHORT.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Jul 10 19:18:49 CDT 2002


Now for something completely different.

The current (1995) International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated
Plants (ICNCP) is in the revision process and all those who have an
interest in this subject area are invited to download the current
working draft for inspection, evaluation and comment. The document is a
58 page Acrobat (pdf) file downloadable from the following URL:

The working draft may provide food for thought for those with an
interest in cultivated plant classification, nomenclature, trademarks,
effective publication, plant labelling, database requirements and
orthography amongst other issues.

Any comments from notification of typos to urgent concerns of a wider
nature will be gladly received by the Rapporteur and will be circulated
to the IUBS Commission responsible for the Code at its meeting in
Toronto towards the end of August 2002 provided they are sent by Friday,
2nd August.

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