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Badistes (as a beetle genus was described in 1847 by Agassiz), and Badister,
a valid genus for Carabidae, was described in 1806.  Badistes is listed as a
junior synonym of Badister in 1927 in CSIKI catalogue.  Mutschulsky, in
1859, described a species as Badistes submarinus.
You now have to find out when the genus Badistes was described as a mollusc
to determine the next stage in your search.  If the genus name Badistes was
described as a mollusc before 1847, then it can stand and is valid.  If it
was described after 1847, then the molluscan genus Badistes is a junior
homonym of the carabid genus name Badistes, and a new genus name is in order
for the molluscans.

We can go further on this if we now find out that the type species (if one
was designated) of Badistes as a carabid is removed from the genus Badister
and resurected.  Wanna go there?

Robin Leech

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> To the list
> I am hoping some one might be able to help with the following:
> While doing a search in google for a molluscs genus name Badistes I came
> across the following name  Badister submarinus Motschulsky, 1859
> (Carabidae) from the Nomina Insecta Nearctica.
> What I'd like to know is the reference.
> Thanks
> Stephanie
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