Help with a reference

Wolfgang Lorenz Faunaplan at AOL.COM
Thu Jul 11 15:04:30 CDT 2002

Dear Stephanie & List,

Badister CLAIRVILLE 1806 is a valid name of a genus (Carabidae: Licininae),
and Badistes AGASSIZ 1846 is an unjustified emendation, hence an available
name (Art. 33.2.3.  ICZN-4).
But: Badistes AGASSIZ 1846 has not been used as a valid name since 1899, so
if Badistes GOULD 1862  is in prevailing usage as a valid name, it may be
qualified as a nomen protectum (see Art. 23.9. etc.)

Best regards,
Wolfgang Lorenz (author of 'Nomina Carabidarum')
Tutzing, Germany

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