Darwin (was: Phylogenetic evidence)

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Jul 11 20:26:57 CDT 2002

Barry Roth wrote:
>The main point of my post was the potential silliness of casually mining
>historical literature to support positions on issues that may not even
>have been ripe for debate back then.

I fully agree with the problematic aspect of this rhetorical device. I've
seen hints of it in biogeography where, if memory serves me correct, there
were attempts by some to portray Joseph Dalton Hooker as a vicariance
biogeographer - or at least having a compatible outlook. I believe various
evolutionists have  employed the device in support of one view or another
although I cannot cite specific instances at this moment. It would perhaps
be interesting to see how prevalent the technique is in evolutionary
biology. And just to shoot myself in the foot I'll hazard Hooker was more a
panbiogeographer than anything else!

John Grehan

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